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West Midlands,


Maintenance. work 

Rented Property in Coventry street, 3 bedroom House, 2020  

Rented Property 2 Bedroom Flat On binley Rd Coventry 2020. 

Re varnish Bench at Wyken health Centre 2019,

3 Bedroom House Wyken, coventry

House i been Doing in Potters Green cove 2 Bedrooms & Hallway & Landing,2019,

Hi, job 1 bedroom Bungalow Wyken, coventry

3 days work i had to do in london at a penthouse last week fill some holle in the walls, then just paint them white there was 1 wall in living room 2 small bedroom walls and a long kitchen wall, all good for the owner he just rent it out to working class people ,  

HI, this bedroom was pink and purple the owner wanted it all white , It took 10L of white paint to do did it in 3 days, the owner was happy with my work, 1/05/2019

HI, just Done a 100 year house It had to do the plastering Look old on some of the walls, The owner was happy with my work it took me 3 weeks to do 2 rooms to all the damp on 4 walls and painted as well , On this formhouses the owners don't want new walls done they like the walls looking old like 100 years old, You have to make the plaster bubbly , I have done 4 formhouses like this All good feedback from the owners, 28/04/2019

New job started today whitewash all the ceiling & walls all in the bungalow, IT had all new plaster done, Then after undercoat and gloss all the woodwork all over , THEN after that repaint the walls and do some wallpapering for the owner, All the new paint i be using will be Dulux Trade Paint, Hope to Turn it around in about 3 to 4 weeks, 12/01/2019, vince    

Hi, this bedroom was a nightmare it had 3 lots of wallpaper on and 3 lots of paint on, This house is a 100 year old in Kenilworth cv8 1jl, there is a lot of work been done in this house from top to bottom , all the room has been plastered and they will be decorated very soon, here are some more photos, Here is my mate Danny he id my plaster is a very good at his job he has done 3 rooms for me, there be some more photo this week, 29/09/2018

Here is a living room i finst today it took me 5 day there was a lot of prep work from top to bottom The owner was very happy with the work, And the owner ask me to do there hallway and stairs just glossing next week 22/03/2019,

This was a bogerlow in Binley As you can see i had to take off the wallpaper on two wall and sand them down it was very dusty job but i did it then paint all the wall and gloss the woodwork , the owner was very happy with my work she like me to do her bathroom next, 01/03/2019, 

 last Two rooms in the house done today 01/10/2018, as you can see one look like a dark room

The last room i did with white plaster paint for new plaster, Here are 3 more photos from i have don , 

Form House started today 23/04/2018

full repaint front & back,

2 Top Road CV7 9LE, IT is DR D'souza farmhouse .

All work done know on his form house and i did his wall as well,

p.s i have more work to do in his house 3 bedrooms and landing as well, and 2 more houses do do as well,

HI, I am back at the 100 year Form house They ask me to do a room and the Floor I had to sand the floor To bring it back to the colour wean it was put down,know i have to just varnish it know,

and i have to some gloss as well, and they ask me to do the landing and a bedroom as well, 27/07/2018

Just did there bedroom i had to take wallpaper of Too walls where bad so I had to re plaster to wall they ask me to make them look old so i did as the form house is a 100 years old , They were very pleased with my work, 100%

All the work done know at the farmhouse all the rooms i had to do the owners are very happy with my work

they ask me to come back next year to do the Kitchen and living room , P.S I had to make the rooms look old as it a 100 year old farmhouse it was hard put i did it, , job was will done, 12/08/2018/ P.S i used Quality Paint for the customers. 

started this Job on monday it a bit of a up & Down one never been paint for 20 yrs 3 days of prep work on the wood work and some on the walls, I have the Halway to do yet,I be putting White Emulsion on the walls first then i can put some cream paint on the walls. the house is of blackberry rd coventry, 

all the front of the house is finish at 187 farren. rd

wyken, coventry, 14/06/2017.

the owner is very happy with my work, 

The house is on Farren rd 187

wyken coventry.

IT having a full repaint White,

started on 19/05/207

Look at the top photo same house,

Started this house today 3/08/2017, at 225 farren rd, in wyken coventry,

long living room. 1 wall will have new wallpaper on. then there be 3 walls emulsion and gloss woodwork ,

i be putting the 2 new photo on when i have finished the living room. here is the 2 new photos all finished today, 11/08/2017 .

job well done,