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West Midlands,


Maintenance. work 

 I am a Local Painter & Decorating Based in the Coventry West Midlands area. Have 10 years of Experienced?

I have experience in Domestic work. all work is completed by myself,

I keep my prices competitive so Customers can afford to get the work done.

most of my is word of mouth and from other Jobs and my websites.

I offer fixed prices for all Jobs on request

I give my Customer good peace of mind knowing the work will be carried out to a very good standard.

I never rush my work I doing it right for the Customers. I am very proud of my work.

If you like a good finish with Quality paint,

Dulux Trade paint,



 Spray Room in New Building. Hotels, Houses, Flats. Office, 

 all the walls must be prep before I Spray Them, 

Water Damaged work from pipes and leaks from boilers.

Fire Damaged work, 

Single rooms.

Landlord and Rented property,

Shops & small businesses.

offices & care homes

I give reliable quotes to all customers & clients.

For peace of mind here are some good reasons to call me.

I carry full Public Liability insurance.

I use good quality paint.

Keep rooms clean.

painting & Decorating Diploma,

Electrical Safety,


All The Paint is in with the Price,

  1. whitewash all new plaster walls and ceilings in a 3 or 4-bedroom house. £700
  2. Emulsion Hallway & landing. £500
  3. Glossing all woodwork, hallway & landing & stairs & doors forms, £450
  4. Wallpapering hallway & glossing & Emulsion Ceiling, £650
  5. stripping wallpaper & papering hallway & stairs & landing 
  6. Living Rooms Stripping wallpaper & Emulsion walls & Ceiling & Glossing, starting at £600
  7. Living room wallpapering 1 wall & Emulsion walls & Ceiling & glossing woodwork. £600
  8. paint all walls & ceiling & glossing all woodwork & doors, 3 bedroom house,£1.500
  9. Glossing 3 bedroom house all woodwork & doors, start from, £800
  10. wallpapering 3 bedroom house and glossing all woodwork?
  11. Wallpapering 1 wall in the living room. £250
  12. wallpapering A bedroom.£300
  13. Shipping wallpaper & re-paint & glossing,?
  14. Emulsion Bedroom & glossing, £350
  15. Glossing rooms £250
  16. Emulsion Big Dining rooms & glossing. £350
  17. Emulsion standard Living Rooms. £260
  18. Lining paper rooms?
  19. Varnish & Staining Doors, £45
  20. Glossing doors, £35                    


  1. paint Exterior wall on the front of hous
  2. Varnish & Stains woodwork.
  3. wooden window frames front & back. 
  4. Front doors painted,
  5. Jet wash driveway. 

Maintenance work,

  1. Fencing,

  2. Fitting Kitchen Cabinets to the wall.
  3. Fitting Plug socket,
  4. Fitting Light,
  5. Fitting Taps,
  6. Cutting Tills out / Replace Tills,
  7. Paint Fencing,
  8. Garage Doors,
  9. Paint Garden Furniture,